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Musa Qala District Helmand Province

Name Musa Qala District Helmand Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Mosa Qala District Chief:
Haji Mohammad Wali (2006) He is reportedly a significant drug smuggler with ties to Ramatullah, one of the former governor's smugglers. He also has a brother currently being held in Guantanamo.
Mullah Abdul Salam (20100408)
Nematullah Sanim Sanem, Niamatullah Sanim, Father: Abdul Wahab, (2010, 20120806)
Haji Mohammad Sharif Khan (20140314, 20140906, 20150830)

District Police Chief:
Abdul Wali Kooca was injured in a suicide attack (20120410)


Authorities are particularly worried about Musa Qala, a traditional Taliban stronghold and a source of revenue from the lucrative opium poppy trade.

“The situation is deteriorating and the Taliban are almost in the bazaar,” the governor of Musa Qala district, Haji-Mohammad Sharif, said Friday night (20140905). “If the situation remains the same, the district will soon fall to the hands of the Taliban.” The fighting has been particularly heavy in Musa Qala over the past 10 days, while a simultaneous Taliban ground assault has been underway in Sangin. That was a renewal of an offensive the insurgents began in Sangin in June 2014, with both sides committing large numbers of ground forces to the fight.

The districts out of government's control include Nawzad, Disho, Baghran and Musa Qala districts in Helmand.(20160629)

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