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Musa Khel District Khost Province Musa Khil

Name Musa Khel District Khost Province Musa Khil
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

Musa Khel district chief,:
Zar Mueed Mukhlis (20120521)

District Police Chief Musa Khel District Khost Province Musa Khil:
Akbar Jan killed on 20101121
Jamal Zadran (20120521)

A violent clash over the control of mountains in   Khost province on 20120521 took place between Mangal tribe from the Musa Khel district and the Muqbil tribe of Nadir Shahkot. Both sides used heavy weapons and several houses of the Muqbil tribe were torched by Mangal people. Wali Gul, a tribal elder from the Muqbil tribe, said their village had been cordoned off and several houses set ablaze. He asked the government to stop the dispute immediately to prevent bloodshed. Another tribal elder, Gulab Mangal, said one of their tribes fighter was killed in the fire exchange. He insisted they had not set afire Muqbil tribe’s houses.

In Musa Khel and the surrounding areas, including Khost’s border with Paktia province, a tribal feud between the Moqbil and Mangal tribes has raged for decades. The Haqqanis have exploited these tribal tensions as well. When a dispute over who controlled a section of forest used for the harvesting of pine nuts broke out between the majority Mangal tribe and the Moqbil tribe during the late summer of 2009, the Haqqanis provided the Moqbil with heavy weaponry, which stymied the Mangal offensive. The Haqqanis then inserted themselves as mediators to settle the dispute between the two warring parties. The Moqbil praised the Haqqanis for settling the dispute, and the Haqqanis received safehaven for training camps and infrastructure in northwest Khost in return.

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