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Munsif, Nafisa Nafeesa

Name Munsif, Nafisa Nafeesa
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1972
Function/Grade Southern Regional Director IARCSC
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Southern Regional Director IARCSC

3. Biodata:
Munsif_NafeesaNafeesa Munsif daughter of Abdul Wasi was born in Surkh-rod district of Ningerhar province in 1972. She completed her primary education in Mirwais Hotaki primary school and her secondary educations in 1988 at Rabia Balkhi High school in Kabul. She was admitted to the faculty of Pharmacy of Kabul University and was graduated in 1990. In 1991 she was appointed as responsible for (Pomad sazi) section of Ibne sina medicine manufacturing factory of pharmacy department of Ministry of Health, she worked there until 1997 . From 1999 to 2003 she worked as a project responsible for Food project of ISRA international organization in Ningerhar province, later she worked as protection officer in the IRC international organization in Ningerhar. In 2007, she worked as director of listening complaints in election commission of Ningerhar. She worked in human rights commission from 2008 until Hoot 2009 on different positions. She was appointed as monitoring and evaluation officer at education department of Ningerhar until (Saur) 2010 and she was appointed as the Director of local administrative reform of southern zone of the independent administrative and civil service commission in the open competition (free) and she still carrying on her job. She participated in two months local training programs which was organized by CDP, computer and management program organized by the independent administrative and civil service commission, gender training program, public administration reform and capacity development programs in area , preliminary and high level management training program organized in Haider Abad India and Leadership program organized in Delhi India. She utilized these experiences in different working aspects. Nafeesa Munsif is fluent in national languages Pashtu and Dari and familiar with English and Urdu.

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