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Munshi, Abdul Majid Monshi Majeed

Name Munshi, Abdul Majid Monshi Majeed
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1952
Function/Grade Adviser to the President on social Affairs
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions of Majid Munshi:
Secretary Heszb-i-Islami (1990-1991 fired)
Ministry of Interior official in Taliban time
Adviser to the Minister of Interior during Interim Government (2002)
Governor Badakhshan (2006),
Governor Baghlan (20100400 -20120919 )
Adviser to the President on social Affairs (20120920, 2013,20140802 - )

3. Biodata Abdul Majid Monshi:
Monshi_Abdul_Majid_MunshiBorn 1952 in Baghlan province. He is an ethnic Pashtun. Has visited a academic rural faculty. Was Secretary General of HEZB-E-ISLAMI. 1990-91 fired by Hekmatyar with some others, because this group had contacts to Sayyaf, Rabbani und Massood. After Kabul was taken by the Taleban, Majid became Mister of Interior and had a reputation for beeing very corrupt. During the Taleban regime Munshi secretly contacted Hekmatyar in Iran again.

In the interim phase of the Karzai Government, Munshi was adviser to the Minister of Interior. He has links to Juma Khan Hamdard an HIG insider. Munshi Abdul Majeed was governor of the northeastern Badakhshan province when he escaped unhurt from an attempt on his life on 20081105 on the road between Warduj and Faizabad city minutes after governor's vehicle passed the area. The Afghan Border Police stationed in Badakshan was allegedly at odds with the Provincial police loyal to Munshi. Baghlan provincial council accused Governor Abdul Majid Munshi of administrative weaknesses and sought his immediate resignation (20101222). The governor’s orders had no credibility for governmental institutions in the province, provincial council head, Muhammad Rasul Mohseni, told a press conference in Pul-i-Khumri, the provincial capital.

He is also known as a writer and orator in Dari and Pashto

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