Afghan Biographies

Mujajdidi, Sadeeq Sadiq

Name Mujajdidi, Sadeeq Sadiq
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Elite Private Military Company
History and Biodata

Elite belongs to Sadeeq Mujadadi, son of Sebghatullah Mujadadi, former head of the Meshrana Jirga or Senate, and briefly President in 1992.

Mr. Mujadadi is currently in Turkey, but his partner in the company, Mudood Popal, told Killid (newspaper) that he was considering stopping the operations of the company, due it having no contracts. He added that other sections of the company, such as logistics and construction, would continue operating.

Mudood disagreed with President Karzais statement that security companies do not provide security for Afghanistan. He said: The security companies provide security for those who pay them, they provide security for the convoys in return for payment.

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Established 2010-08-23