Afghan Biographies

Weesa, Zalmai Wesa Maj Gen

Name Weesa, Zalmai Wesa Maj Gen
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex Governor
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Commander 209th Corps “SHAHEEN”  (Falcon) Mazar-i Sharif ANA (20101100-20141231)
Provincial Governor Paktia (20161124, 20170604)
Provincial Governor Kandahar (20170510 - 20190203) wounded in an insider attack

3. Biodata Brig Gen Zalmai Weesa :
Zalmay Wesa is the elder brother of Kandahar Governor Toryalai Wesa. Zalmai Wesa Zalmai Waisa was a member of the Afghan communist Khalq Party and got his military education in Moscow in the late 80th. In Moscow he was joined by his younger brother Torialay Wesa (present Governor of Kandahar Province 2011) with his wife and three children in December 1991.

A secret NATO Document dated Aug 16, 2011 presented by German TV said "Morale has deteriorated under his (Waisas's)·command, as he is seen as corrupt as divisive. He uses his position for personal gain and neglects the needs of his soldiers. He does not support Afghan National Police and other Security Forces. He lived for years in the Soviet Union and may have ties to Russian Intelligence (FSB) and the Haqqani Network, which opposes the Coalition Forces." And later in the document: "Afghan Intelligence (NDS) suggests, that Waisa has ties to the Haqqani Network through a soldier in 209th Corps named M..........


During the Assassination of General Daoud Wesa was reportedly on the second floor of the building using a mobile phone. Waisa survived from the attack but Daoud was killed. Another report from Afghan Intelligence stated that Waisa has ordered the release of a group of ANA soldiers who were involved in a plot against German soldiers in Baghlan Province in June 2011."

There are serious tensions reported between the Pashtun Corps Commander Maj Gen Zalmai Wesa and his Tajik Deputy Brig Gen Sana ul-Haq Bader.(20111220). Wesa retired in December 2014.

Zalmai Weesa has been appointed as new governor of Paktia province. Weesa had served as commander of the 209th Shaheen Military Corps in northern Balkh province. He resigned from his military post about a year ago. Weesa will replace Nasratullah Arsala as the governor of Paktia.(20161124)

The Afghan government rejected reports regarding the alleged dismissal of Zalmai Weesa as provincial governor of southern Kandahar province. The rumor has been planted by opposition politicians from the Hamid Karzai camp.(20171202)

Provincial Governor Zalmay Wesa recovered from injuries at a hospital. He was wounded by an insider attack of his own guard. Zalmai Wesa in a video message termed his health condition stable and added he would be discharged from the hospital soon.condition stable and added he would be discharged from the hospital soon.(20181022)


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