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Mujahid, Al Haj Allah Gul Mujahed

Name Mujahid, Al Haj Allah Gul Mujahed
Ethnic backgr. Pashtun
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul
History and Biodata

Alhaj Allah Gul Mujahid
Phone: 0700278026

2. Previous Functions:
Jehadi Commander Hiszb Islami (HIG)
Wolesi Jirga Member 2010 MP MNA Kabul

3. Biodata:
Mujahid_Allah_GulGul Allah Mujahid, son of Sher Gul, was born 1967 in Khwaja Chast village in  Deh Sabz district of Kabul province and currently lives in Pul-e-Charkhi.  He got basic Islamic education in a mosque at the age of five. In 1973 he was admitted to Khwaja Chasht boy’s school, has studied up to Grade 10, but quit in 1983 to join the mujaheddin and fight against the Soviet Union. Mujahid soon got a promotion. After the death of his bother, commander Hazar Gul, he was appointed a district commander of Hizb-e-Islami, led by Gulbaddin Hekmatyar.

Al Haj Allah Gul Mujahid Mujahed stood for a Wolesi Jirga 2010 Election Seat in Kabul Province. He bagged a seat and got 14 most votes in Kabul Province. A land dispute led to a 30-minute exchange of fire between the guards of Mumtaz and MP Allah Gul Mujahid in the Kharotai Qala area, Kabul. Four people were wounded during the clash. (20110128)

He is a member of the Saba [Parliamentary] bloc which is led by Almas Zahid and was established during the current term (2011) of the Wolesi Jirga. It has 38 members.

He has business and real estate interests in Deh Sabz, and is known in the area as an influential businessman. He is now a rich man. By his account, he has three different sources of income besides his Wolesi Jirga salary, including the import of goods from China, five brick-producing kilns and a fuel station. He declined to say how much money he makes. The MP owns an office and a guesthouse on 1.5 acres of land near Pul-i-Charkh bazaar in eastern Kabul. His guesthouse has two 15-metre long rooms. One has couches inside and is suited to modern tastes, while the second room is furnished more traditionally, with only mattresses. He uses the second room to host people from the villages. People visit him at the guest house, where he stays every Thursday and Friday. He says his daily expenses for operating the house and guest house are about 100,000 afghanis per day. Up to 70 kilograms of rice are cooked there daily.

Nearly 100 people staged a peaceful demonstration in front of the Wolesi Jirga, blaming MP Allah Gul Mujahid for seizing 100 acres of their land in the Shanan Qala area of the district. They had lodged a complaint with the departments, but no one listened to them because Mujahid had a private armed group, one of the demonstrators, Nawroz, told Pajhwok Afghan News. They had also moved the assembly's Complaints Commission, where Mujahid is a member, he said, regretting the issue was yet to be addressed.(20111026)

The MP, who is married and has five sons and two daughters, said that his three brothers have their own businesses and live in the same building as he does. Along with the two widows and the children of his two other brothers, who were killed in the war against the Soviet Union, he lives with 45 family members in total.

Mujahid made the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca six times.

When asked to list his achievements as an MP, Mujahid said he had helped get 57 prisoners released from government jails. “The people passed years in jails, but were freed with my assistance before completing their prison terms. Many of those released inmates were political prisoners,” he said without supplying any names.

One person was injured and a health clinic damaged during the gunbattle in the Pul-i-Charkhi locality of the capital between the gunmen of lawmakers Mullah Tarakhel Mohammadi and Haji Allah Gul Mujahid on July 23, 2012.

Commission (2012): Complaints and Petitions.

Tens of people on 20130629 took to the streets at the Wolesi Jirga entrance  to protest against an MP, Allah Gul whose brother was an area commander in Dehzabz district, where the demonstrators accused him of usurping people lands and killing several residents. Allah Gul (currently Afghan lawmaker) had usurped more than 100 acres of land in Dehsabz district, where he and his brother were fully armed and being accused of several cases of kidnapping and murder.(20130629)

Mujahid  is married and has five sons and two daughters.

He speaks Pashtu and Dari.

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Established 2011-01-28