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Mohammad Agha District Logar Province

Name Mohammad Agha District Logar Province
Ethnic backgr.
Date of birth
Function/Grade District Chief District Police Chief
History and Biodata

District Chief Muhammad Mohammad Agha District Logar Loghar Lowghar Province:
Abdul Hameed Hamid Mohammad Agha Abdul Hamed Abdul Hamid Hamid  (2009, 20110601, 20130807),
Sayed Nazim Azemi (20141215)
Mohammad Rahim Amin (20170502)
Noor Mohammad Obaidi (20190505) was accused of taking 18 million afghanis and has been sentenced to 10.5 years in prison (20191225, 20200210)
Mawlawi Heszbullah (20211002)

District Police Chief :
Nisar Ahmad Abdul Rahimzai (20100306),
Col. Ahmad Nabi Ahmadzai (20120414),
Abdul Wakil Haqyar Abdulwakil Haqyar (20130805, 20141215)
Muhammad Agha District capital Mayor:
Saifullah Mujahid (2011 - 20140731) a key member of the Jamiyat-e Islami party, a number of unknown gunmen attacked Saifullah's house in Mohammad Agha and he was killed in the shooting. (20140801)
Taleban local shadow district governor
Qari Borhan (20141215)

Pashtuns make 60% of the population while Tajiks make 40% of the population in Logar Province. Pashtuns live mainly in the zones of Gomaran, Burg, Qala Ahmad Zai, Kotubkhel, Surkhab, Abparan, Abbazak and Moghul Khail, while Tajiks are present mainly in Deh Now, Zarghun Shahr, Safed Sang, Zayed Abad and Mohammad Agha.

In Moghulkhel village, in Muhammad Agha district, there is a base of the 333rd special forces unit under the Ministry of Interior which, according to police spokesman Shapur Ahmadzai, does not take part in the fighting of other government forces and launches its own operations without sharing its plans with the provincial government. The area is also a Taleban stronghold, with a Taleban ‘martyrs’ graveyard located only 200 metres away from the 333rd base (Taleban killed in the Muhammad Agha are buried here) and a madrasa with around 100 boy-students (also called taleban), seen by locals as a kind of pro-Taleban motivation centre.

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