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Masood, Ahmad Wali Massood Massoud

Name Masood, Ahmad Wali Massood Massoud
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1964
Function/Grade Hizb-e Nahzat-e Melli-ye Afghanistan (National Movement of A
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Foreign News Reporter NYT (1989)
Ariana News Bulletin (1989-1992)
2nd Secretary Afghan Embassy London (1992)
1st Secretary Afghan Embassy London and Charge d'affaires (1993),
Minister Counsellor and Charge d'affaires (1993)
Ambassador to the United Kingdom (U.K.) (2001-2006)
Chairman of the Massoud Foundation (20140609)

3. Biodata:
masoud_ahmad_waliAhmad Wali Massoud was born 01 Nov 1964 in Panjshir Valleye, Afghanistan. He is a brother of Ahmad Shah Massood (The Lion of Panjshir). Educated in a Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan, Mid. Cornwal College of further Education, Polytechnic of Central London, Westminister University.

The Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation endorsed front-running presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah in Kabul. Speaking at an event was head of the Massoud Foundation (founded 2003), Ahmad Wali Massoud, who said that the foundation will work with Dr. Abdullah and his team to improve the situation of Afghanistan.(20140609)

Massoud said that the National Unity Government (NUG) has in the past nine months made little progress and is in fact working against the people's wishes. President Ashraf Ghani and the CEO, Abdullah Abdullah have been busy negotiating a power share deal but have been unable to manage the country's political needs which has led to minimum progress being made. Massoud also showed concern over the formation of new political opposition fronts against the NUG. He has labeled the current situation in the country as critical. "Our view is that an emergency Loya Jirga must be called. This must happen now, and everyone must decide what happens. That way a real National Unity Government will be formed," said Massoud.(20150524)

The head of Ahmad Shah Massoud Foundation Ahmad Wali Massoud declared his support to Ata Mohammad Noor regarding the ongoing controversies surrounding the Balkh province Governorship.(20180122)


Hizb-e Nahzat-e Melli-ye Afghanistan (National Movement of Afghanistan)
Leader: Ahmad Wali Masood Postal Address, Attorney General's Office, Kabul, Afghanistan Telephone: 0799342942, 070277938

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