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Maqsudi, Farid Abdul

Name Maqsudi, Farid Abdul
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth
Function/Grade Afghanistan Reconstruction Company LLC President ARC
History and Biodata

2. Previous Functions:
Afghanistan Reconstruction Company LLC President ARC

3. Biodata:
Farid A. Maqsudi is an Afghan-born, naturalized American citizen with an MBA from the University of Chicago. Maqsudi has over 18 years of business experience in the US and developing countries. For the past decade, he has run a successful Central Asian trading and investment company (20091105).

Other management members:
M. Zaher Yaqubie (Executive Vice President),
Sameh Panah (Chief operating officer Afghanistan),
Farhod Inogambaev (Business Development Director),

ARC is a Delaware (USA) limited liability company, established in November 2001. Its initial management team brings strong skills to its business and it fully intends to expand staff in the USA, Afghanistan and elsewhere as necessary to support the business opportunities which present themselves. Afghan Investment Partners Corporation is a company established by Shareholders of ARC (Afghanistan Reconstruction Company) which is a leading investment and Construction Company in Afghanistan with various project involvements. Afghan Investment Partners Corporation (AIPC) funds also Afghanistan International Bank (AIB). This bank is funded by four International and local Shareholders: three Afghan Private Sector business groups and Asian Development Bank (ADB). One of the local Shareholders is Afghan Investment Partners Corporation ( Horizon Associates LLC, an investment company of the Mohib Group, and Wilton Holdings Ltd., which is part of the Rahmat Group, active in both Pakistan and Afghanistan)

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