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Manawi, Fazal Ahmad Judge

Name Manawi, Fazal Ahmad Judge
Ethnic backgr. Tajik
Date of birth 1967
Function/Grade Minister of Justice
History and Biodata

1. Former Ministers of Justice:
Mohammad Sarwar Danish (2009),
Prof. Habibullah Ghaleb (20100100-20140320) died 20 Mar 2014
acting Minister Qanunwal Seyyed Yusef Halim Sayed Yousuf Halimi (20141208, 20150207)
Dr. Abdul Basir Anwar (20150418, 20161114, 20200831)
Judge Fazl Ahmad Manawi (20200831, 20201121)

Ministry Spokesman:
Ahmad Farid Najibi (20110318)

Deputy Ministers:
Dr. Mohammad Qaasem Qasim Hashemzai, Professional Deputy Minister to Ministry of Justice,
Prof. Abdul Qadir Adalat Khwah, Administrative Deputy of Ministry of Justice (20091201),
Sayed Yousouf Aleem Sayed Yosuf Haleem, Professional Deputy Minister  (20120619)
Sayed Mohammad “Hashemi”, Deputy Minister of Administration (20120619)
Mrs. Zakia Adeli (20100120)

2. Previous Functions:
First Deputy, head of Administration of the Supreme Court (2004),
Chairman of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) (20100417, 20120119),
Senior adviser to Presidential Election Candidate 2014 Dr. Abdullah.(20140824)
Minister of Justice (20200831, 20201121)

3. Biodata Fazal Ahmad Manawi Manvi:
Manawi_Fazal_Ahmad_IECJudge Fazal Ahmad Manawi Fazil Ahmad Manawi was born in Panjshir in 1967, and has acquired his Masters degree from Islamabad international University. He has performed jobs as deputy of Islamic education in Ministry of Education (MoE), instructor in Alberoni University, deputy of Education in interlude of Resistance, Deputy Minister in MoE, Deputy of Supreme Court, and Deputy for Afghanistan’s Scholars Council and has taken part in Joint Peace Jirga. Fazal Ahmad Manawi has participated in many national and international seminars as well. Manavi, an Islamic Sharia law professor, took over at the government-appointed IEC after its top two officials resigned earlier this month under pressure from the international community. Azizullah Ludin and Daoud Ali Najafi were chairman and chief electoral officer of the IEC, who were accused of meddling in the presidential vote and being stuffed with Karzai cronies.

President Hamid Karzai has recommended Fazal Ahmad Manawi, the Independent Election Commission chief, to become the Chief Justice (CJ) and Maulvi Ataullah Lodin, the second deputy of High Peace Council, to serve as the Attorney General (AG).(20130314)

Fazil Ahmad Manawi, a former election commissioner and Supreme Court judge is now a senior adviser to Presidential Election Candidate 2014 Dr. Abdullah.(20140824) This former chief election commissioner threw his weight behind Abdullah in the presidential campaign. He has served in various high profile positions in the judiciary and is likely to get one once again as Ghani and Abdullah form the cabinet.(20140930)

Former IEC Chairman, Fazl Ahmad Manawi, has not returned two of the commissions' vehicles and still has the Hilux and Land Cruiser, which he has not returned to the IEC. The transportation department of the commission has contacted Manawi, but in response he has threatened the employees of the department telling them he will not return them.(20141101)

Fazl Ahmad Manawi, former head of Election Commission and a front-row supporter of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said, “We have planned to hold the oath-taking ceremony for Dr. Abdullah for President after we get some work done.”(20200224)

Fazl Ahmad Manawi was approved as minister of justice by getting 220 votes in favor, 9 votes against, 10 invalid votes and 7 unmarked votes.(20201121)


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