Afghan Biographies

Mamoor, Hassan

Name Mamoor, Hassan
Ethnic backgr. Uzbek
Date of birth
Function/Grade Ex-Junbish Commander Warlord Takhar Warlord
History and Biodata

Hassan Mamoor was a senior Commander in Dasht - i -Qala District (70% Uzbeks) of Takhar Province. The local commander Mamoor Hassan is behind the sale of looted antiquities. In spring 2005, Mamoor Hassan, the head of Dostum’s Jumbesh-i Melli, criticized the deviousness of labelling former resistance fighters as warlords who should be brought to justice and simultaneously offering amnesty arrangements to the Taliban.

Former commanders and strong men, including Piram Qul (member of lower house), Qazi Kabir (member of upper house), Bashir Chah Aabi (a local commander), former provincial police chief Mutallib Baig and former Junbish-i-Milli commander Mamoor Hassan had attended the meeting and distributed arms to their loyalists to destabilise the government (2006).

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