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Name ACB Afghanistan Cricket Board
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President of the Board Chairman:
Dr Omar Zakhilwal (20101222) resigned (20121008)
Ilham Yasini,
Shahzada Massoud (20121004)
Nasimullah Danish (20141214-20161216)
Atif Mashal Atif Mishal (2016121, 20170413, 20180415)
Deputy Chairman:
Nasimullah Danish (20140529)

Chief executive:
Nasimullah Danish (2011) resigned (20121008)
Dr. Hamid Shinwari (20120420) returned from his higher studies in Australia Mar 2012.(see picture).
shinwari_hamid He was replaced by Dr. Noor Mohammad Murad, who was working for the UN in youth affairs after graduating from the Kabul Medical University. (20121224)
Shafiq Stanikzai, former national team director,  (20141214, 20180122)
President’s Legal Advisor:
Dr. Abdul Ali Mohammadi (2017,2018) Abdul Hamid Tahmasi (20180626)
Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) spokesman: 
Nusratullah Wafa (20120721) or
Kamila Seddiqi (first-ever female) Board member (20180626)

Other Officials:

Azizullah Fazli, in charge of Kabul cricket affairs was sacked for violating ACB rules (20101215).

The chairman of Afghanistan’s Cricket Board, Atif Mashal, said in an interview with TOLOnews that Afghanistan would launch its own cricket league within the next few months. He said the league will be called the Afghanistan Premier League, and would be designed along the lines of the Indian Premier League (IPL) and other high-level cricket leagues in the world.  He said the league matches would be held in the United Arab Emirates with the participation of international players.(20170413)

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