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Karzai’s president adviser dreams shattered

Subject Karzai’s president adviser dreams shattered

Hamid Karzai’s latest act of incompetence failing to organize a smooth transition of power to a successor made it clear to him and the rest of the world: There is no need for any future political role for a hapless former Pashtun President. The two power hungry Doctor Presidential Candidates Dr. Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah are not willing to share power among themselves nor do they want to be discredited by backroom influence of a failed Hamid Karzai. So he wisely decided to downsize his future plans. A big posh house close to the Arg Palace was built that was supposed to be the place for retired president Karzai and it was inaugurated Sept 11, 2014. But Hamid Karzai has decided he will not live in this residence. It is too big he said it was better for it to be a government guesthouse. He visited the project and said that it was way above the standards of life for ordinary Afghan people, so it should not be his future residence. Hamid Karzai said he will have a normal, Afghan-type home in Kabul. It is not a newly built house. Back to the roots. Hopefully one day he will not share Najibullah’s fate.

Karzai gave up the below retirement residence and turned it into a government guest house.

Released 2014-09-11