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update 16 Aug 2014 : Karzai’s Afghan led chaos

Subject update 16 Aug 2014 : Karzai’s Afghan led chaos

update: Still no certified final Provincial Council 5 Apr 2014 Election result from 16 Provinces (20140816)

The Karzai led administration has completely failed to conduct acceptable Presidential and Provincial election in 2014 which were marred with state organized fraud. Till the 1st of August 2014 we have not yet seen certified final Provincial Council election results from sixteen (yes 16) Provinces. And the name of the winner of the Presidential Election will not be known until September or October 2014.

Kabul’s election mess is a result of short and long term factors. Kerry apparently failed to understand in the mid-July 2014 Presidential Election agreement brokered by him that, in a technical exercise like a re-count, the devil is in the detail. So the process is painfully dragging on.

What weights heavier: grave mistakes were committed in the reconstruction of the Afghan state under international supervision after 2001. Governments in the West allowed Karzai to create a facade democracy with too weak and, more importantly, not independent institutions which are unable to solve the political election crises on their own. Karzai’s course of ‘afghanising’ not only the election institutions, but also the state administration and his demonization of the UN and the foreigners in general, have lead into a dead end.

This shows that the Kabul government in 13 years has not learned and is not yet able to organize legitimate elections on its own. And also: The Karzai Government has totally failed to organize the rule of law in Afghanistan and to build a reliable Government Administration.

Released 2014-08-16