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President Karzai`s maybe last peace talks fraud

Subject President Karzai`s maybe last peace talks fraud

From the ARG palace for the umpteenth time it was reported that the Kabul government is in secret peace talks with the Taliban. And each time later it turned out that Kabul conversations with former Taliban functionaries were conducted by people who had no mandate for these discussions from today's militant Taliban.  Again it happened with the recent talks in Dubai which included a delegation of the High Peace Council headed by presidential adviser Mohammad Masoom Stanikzai who left for Dubai on 20140216 to hold talks with a 16 - member delegation of former Taliban to discuss the peace process in Afghanistan.

However, the Taliban outfit in a statement posted on its website late 20140219 said no peace dialogue had been held with the Kabul government. The Taliban said: "Certain media outlets have reported Mustasim  Agha Jan organized a meeting of Taliban leaders in United Arab Emirates to discuss the peace process in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan declares that Mutasim Agha Jan has no authority and can not represent the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. There was no peace talks in Dubai, neither with the Kabul puppet administration nor with the so - called Peace Council ," the Taliban statement said.

Sources in the ARG Palace and High Peace Council confirmed that President Karzai since 10 years till today could not find any militant Taliban to talk to. Karzai therefore organized multiple faked show talks with former Taliban who got hired and paid by the Kabul regime to pretend hopeful peace talks. Karzai wanted to conceal that he has no success with his peace initiative and finally has failed.Hamid Karzai may have organized his last peace talks fraud because he will most probably be out of Office after the April 5 2014 Presidential Election.

"Afghan government with the support of U.S. and NATO-led troops has failed to diminish the Taliban fighters over the past decade. Taliban as a fighting force are aware that the political life of president Karzai will end after the April 5 presidential election, so the armed outfit would not talk with the present government,"  analyst and former parliamentarian Saleh Mohammad Rigistani said in a television panel discussion.

Released 2014-02-20