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Afghanistan solution: Partition?

Subject Afghanistan solution: Partition?

Here is a solution of the Afghan quagmire from a Non-Pashtun view. Once you delve deeper into Afghanistan, you can see just how weak the entire infrastructure truly is. And this is where the problem lies. Only certain, small parts of the country are doing relatively fine but overall the country is virtually falling apart because there is no strong foundation. This “show” is put on for the sake of the rest of the world, to please those that control it.

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So therefore, when solutions are brought forth and if the “government” doesn't approve of them, they can use that facade of the country on its way to betterment to reject the suggestions. One solution that has been mentioned time and again is partition of the country. It has been the one of the most discussed topics and also one of the most rejected ones. Recent events as well as past historical tribulations have illustrated that the only solution for Afghanistan is separation.

However, no step has been taken to go forward with such a solution. One of the main supported resolutions is separation by North and South—to divide the Non-Pashtuns and the Pashtuns. Such ethnic aversion is expected considering the shaky history and relationship between the ethnicities of Afghanistan—mainly of Pashtuns with everyone else. For 250 years, the Pashtuns had power over most of the regions of Afghanistan whether it was in the form of a monarchy, communism, or terrorism via religious fanaticism. Most recently, they have tried gaining power through fraudulent elections and official appointments in the legislatures. With 250 years in power, there is hardly any achievement to show for it. The greatest achievement of the Pashtuns is that the nation is literally at the bottom.

When the non-Pashtuns asked for a parliamentary system, the Pashtuns rejected it. Pashtuns are not and never will think of creating a government that is necessary or even fair for the diverse nation by acknowledging past historical events and are instead trying to restore Pashtun hegemony.

Pashtuns did not bring any progress in the past—which is fairly obvious considering the condition of the country today—so logically, they won’t bring any progress in the future. And if the country is partitioned finally, there is no way it could get any worse. But even so, just how worse could it possibly get? Separation of the country shouldn’t be seen as a failure of the country but rather as an improvement and a solid and proper change. When we factor in all the information—dangerous and ineffective Pashtun rule, misrepresentative country name, forced Pashto assimilation—the only solution can be to separate. Living with Pashtuns did not work in the past and so it won’t work for the future. After all, one can not and should not try living a normal life with cancer—you have to get rid of the cancer or it will destroy you from the inside out. Whether it’s slowly and secretly or fast and outwardly there are only two ways out and they are by cutting it off or letting it kill you.


Step 3 point 7 (second half of 2013 to happen) of the leaked Afghanistan Peace Road Map to 2015: "The negotiating parties to agree on modalities for the inclusion of Taliban and other opposition leaders in the power structure of the state to include non-elected positions at different levels with due consideration of legal and governance principles". That means in plain wording: Considerable political power will be given to the Talibs — Cabinet members, provincial governors, district administrators, police chiefs and other key officials. That fits perfectly into the partition design.


You can find the Afghan High Peace Council´s "Afghanistan Peace Road Map to 2015" under

Released 2013-01-30