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2014 potential Presidential Candidates

Subject 2014 potential Presidential Candidates

It is again rumored that Karzai’s ex-chief of staff Omar Dawoodzai mulls to run for president.(20130322)

There is a rumor that Afghanistan’s current ambassador to Islamabad, Mohammad Omar Daudzai, will be the apparent nominee of the ruling team for the 2014 presidential polls. The HPC chair, Salahuddin Rabbani and the current head of the Office of Administrative Affairs and Council of Ministers Secretariat, Sadeq Mudaber, may be nominated as Daudzai’s Vice Presidential candidates. (20120220)


Former U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, is said to nominate himself  to run for presidency. It said that, based on an agreement in Dubai, Balkh Governor, Atta Mohammad Noor, will be his nominee as First Vice President and Senator Ehsanullah Bayat his Second Vice President.(20120109)

Also Nangahar Governor Gul Agha Shirzai is mulling his nomination. (20130107)

Ahmad Saeedi, an Afghan analyst, names Dr Abdullah Abdullah, Ahmad Zia Massoud, Marshal Mohammad Qasim Fahim - recommended by Abdul Rassoul Sayyaf, Mohammad Yonus Qanuni, Ata Mohammad Noor, Zalmay Khalilzad, Ali Ahmad Jalali, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, Hanif Atmar, Farooq Wardak, Omar Daudzai, Abdul Qayoum Karzai, Fawzia Kofi and Simin Barekzai the most likely candidates for the upcoming presidential election. Saeedi adds that President Karzai’s favorite pick will be Omar Daudzai, and a possible vice president might be the HPC chief Salahuddin Rabbani and Dr Sadiq Mudaber, the head of Office of Administrative Affairs. Saeedi claims that Daudzai is said to have achieved the support of Pakistan and Iran.(20121210)

Released 2013-03-22