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Naïve Karzai Admin Peace approach leads to nowhere

Subject Naïve Karzai Admin Peace approach leads to nowhere

For 10 years the Karzai Admin did not succeed to even find and talk to one genuine Taliban leader who had the authority to negotiate peace in Afghanistan. And be sure: The Karzai Admin will not find a Taliban negotiator in the next ten years and beyond, because the Kabul power set up is irrelevant to the new generation of Taliban which is remote controlled by Pakistan. It is naivety to assume, that previous outdated and brainwashed Taliban leaders have much influence on the Pakistan handled new breed of insurgents.

But the policy makers in the Arg Palace in Kabul prefer to continue to live in their dream world because they do not like to admit, that their inefficient and corrupt government will sooner or later collapse after the withdrawal of western forces from Afghanistan. The militant Taliban do not need Karzai and his government for future Afghanistan. They wait, they fight, they have the time.

"Pakistan must prove by releasing senior Taliban leaders that Pakistan is interested in a real and genuine peace process," said Karzai. "So that release is very much demanded and I would like to repeat it again today." Pakistan must prove nothing. But even after the release of former Taliban no peace will happen. May be they will be killed by the new Taliban, if they move to Afghanistan.

In the 20121208 Wolesi Jirga session, MPs reacted to the news that a suicide bomber had met with National Directorate of Security (NDS) chief Asadullah Khalid (a Pashtun) on the pretext of being a peace envoy, and criticised the intelligence unit for failing to prevent the suicide attack. "If the [NDS] organisation cannot secure itself [from such attacks], how can people expect anything from these security organisations?" Kabul MP Nazifa Zaki said. The attack on Khalid was almost a carbon copy of last year's (2011) assassination of Afghanistan's chief peace negotiator, Burhanuddin Rabbani (Tajik). He died at his Kabul home when an insurgent posing as a peace envoy detonated explosives concealed in a turban.

In the last few years, the Taliban have stepped up their campaign against high value targets, politicians, targeting dozens of provincial and district governors, police chiefs and even marginal officials. It has been an effective tool, demonstrating the insurgents’ power to inflict chaos and sow fear among government supporters. Last year, assassinations claimed 304 lives, the most since 2001, according to a United Nations report.

So let´s continue to watch Kabul´s endless and naive peace-talks about peace-talks with the wrong people which lead to nowhere.

Released 2012-12-08