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The National Uprising Movement Bluff

Subject The National Uprising Movement Bluff

Is behind the “National Uprising Movement” (NUM) or Da Milli Patsun Ghorzang in Andar District, Ghazni Province, a cleverly orchestrated PR or PSYWAR Operation of the U.S. and ARG in Kabul pretending it is a nucleus of a national uprising against the Taliban? Are the NUMs in other provinces pro Government Militias only - is it perhaps a process being hijacked by criminals and local power brokers?

In fact it might be a deception because NUM in Ghazni is said to be supported secretly by US (Embassy) and Kabul (through Assadullah Khaled) with money, weapons, ammunition and advice. It is said NUM is a Government supported tribal local militia – some say it is a Afghan Local Police Unit – mainly recruited from disgruntled dubious Andar tribe members in Ghazni Province.

Assadullah Khalid has brought both government money and local allies into the Ghazni fight. But there has been controversy, too: at least three commanders and several local officials say that he has distributed large amounts of cash — perhaps as much as $200,000, they say — to just a few close allies, and very little has made it to individual fighters.

There are strong indications that different approaches in the insurgency, basically a Andar Hezb – Andar Taliban conflict, are behind it, and that government officials have actively promoted the “uprising” and taken it out of the hands of its initiators. Taliban say a local militia, supported by the Afghan government and foreign troops, is behind the “uprising”.

Daud Sultanzoi, a former member of parliament from Ghazni, believes the “Movement” is wary to confess its support from the government in public for fear that it could damage its legitimacy and its standing as a grass-roots movement.

One of the front leaders of the “Movement”, Rahmatullah, was detained by the US military in early 2008 and freed in late 2009, which tells a story of a possible turncoat who has been selected· as a useful idiot in a propaganda campaign.

The “National Uprising Movement” in Ghazni right now has several fathers, who claim to have the lead more or less open: Assadullah Khaled, Lutfullah Kamran and others and Faizanullah Faizan, who faced the Taliban music recently: The former provincial Governor of Ghazni Province Faizanullah Faizan was seriously injured by bullets following an attack early Friday morning on August 24, 2012. He was going to the Bazaar of Ghazni city when he came under attack of a Taliban. This event occurred in front of 3rd Battalion gate of 203 Army Corps that morning. The attack is a Taliban revenge and linked to his support of the Heszb revolt against the Taliban in Andar District.

Things are derailing and are getting out of control. The incompetent Karzai Government is not able to monitor, organize and support the "National Uprising Movement" elsewhere: Members of a public uprising battling the insurgents in the Hesarak district of eastern Nangahar province are running out of ammunition, officials said on 20120825, fearing the armed campaign could fail in the absence of government’s help. And groups in other provinces such as Ghor claim to fight the Taliban and ask the Kabul Government for support, money and weapons.

Public uprising in various provinces of Afghanistan also created concerns among the Afghan parliament members who are believing that arbitrary uprising will lead to serious security challenges in the future for the Afghan government.

All may have started in Andar District as an anti-Taliban type thing, then Hezb-i-Islami moved in, then the government and the N.D.S. (National Directorate of Security) got involved and now there are lots of different players, and that makes the people who started the whole thing suspicious.

For Hezb-i-Islami, it was a continuation of an on-and-off battle with the Taliban for dominance. The group is part militant faction, part legitimate political party — one wing fights both the Afghan government and the Taliban, another takes part in the national government based in Kabul. In the the end Taliban always defeated Hezb-i-Islami (Baghlan, Ghor, Kandahar, Kunar, Laghman, Logar, Nuristan, Parvan Provinces and at other places).

Released 2012-08-30